About us
Sound Ninja Music Academy - обучение по музикално продуциране, DJ-ing, миксинг, техно продуциране, саунд дизайн.
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About us

Sound Ninja Music Academy is a new generation school with no alternative in Bulgaria. Founded in October 2014 with the mission to create a platform for sharing and exchanging knowledge in the area of contemporary music art.

Our courses

Sound Ninja offers trainings in software music production, mixing, DJ-ing, music theory and piano. Our team organises and participates in various events and projects, related to music, new technologies, education and digital arts.

Sound Ninja is a private school for software music production, mixing and DJ-ing. Our team organises various trainings, events and online initiatives, aimed at free exchange of knowledge in the area of contemporary music art.

Our lectors

Our lectures team consists of internationally acknowledged music industry professionals, our courses are practical and the working environment is creative and friendly. We also work with well-known guest-lectors and artists, partner with non-profit organisations and companies.