Audio mixing

Audio mixing: beginners

The Audio Mixing course for Beginners is designed for beat makers, producers, recording engineers and anyone who wants to make their music sound professional. In the Audio Mixing course you will learn how to build a complete mix from start to finish and expand your technical arsenal without restrictions in genre and style.


Within a 3-month individual Audio Mixing course you will learn the basic principles for creating a complete mix through purposeful practical work on the sound of your music, educational projects and templates.

During your individual sessions with tutor you will:

  • You will gain the necessary set of knowledge and skills to improve your speed and efficiency as you mix
  • You will get acquainted with working practices in processing percussion, vocals, bass lines, various instruments and other elements of music production.
  • You will build-up workflow, efficiency and productivity
  • Get proven know-how and develop your own templates, chains and process

Курсът е подходящ за хора, които:

  • Experience with music software and know well the functions and principles of working with DAW
  • Have little or no experience at all with Audio mixing
  • Aim to deepen and systematise their knowledge  
  • Need guided practice with tutor and hands-on approach

The course is held in:

Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic X Pro.

Music Dept becomes Steinberg Certified – Radyr Comprehensive School


Изучавани теми:

  • Преглед на вградени инструметни, популярни плъгини и темплейти за смесване
  • Подготовка на проекта за микс
  • Еквалайзер и компресия на индивидуални инструменти и вокали
  • Усилватели, аудио ефекти, креативни ефекти
  • Групиране на канали
  • Балансиране на канали и пре-мастеринг

Курсистите получават: 

  • учебни сесии – проекти от практиката на лектора
  • учебни темплейти
  • самостоятелни задачи след всеки урок
  • обратна връзка от лектор 

Продължителност: 3 месеца, 1 урок седмично 

Price and conditions

Месечни такси: 

  • Индивидуален курс: 350лв на месец х 3 месеца (общо 1050)

*Отстъпка от 5% при авансово плащане на целия курс.

Възможност за заплащане на месечните такси чрез Revolut, Paypal или по банков път. 

В цената влизат:

  • 12 урокa по 2 астрономически часа
  • 10 часа студийно време за самостоятелна работа
  • Учебни материали, пакет със звуци и заготовки
  • Сертификат за завършен курс (*Steinberg Certified за курс в Cubase)
  • Възможност за закупуване на софтуерен лиценз с отстъпка до 40% (валидно за Аbleton Live и Cubase), както и на продуктови бъндли и аудио техника на преференциални цени.
  • 5% отстъпка при записване на следващ курс в Sound Ninja Academy 

Individual training

You can start an individual course at any time on site in Sofia or online. Take advantage of a personalised program according to your needs and interests, as well as a flexible schedule of activities.

How to apply

Apply for a free lesson where we’ll talk more about the Mixing for Sound Engineers and Producers program, discuss your interests and how we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us.

Apply for a free lesson

Send us your e-mail and we’ll get back to you with details.


Bojidar Vassilev

Hristo Rachev

Audio mixing: Advanced

Audio Mixing course – Advanced level is a Masterclass program with Dimiter Ganchev “Mite”. Dimiter is an award winning, resident mix engineer at Digital Plus Studio (Sofia), has 15+ years professional experience and tutors at Sound Ninja since 2016.


This 3-month Audio Mixing course for advanced producers and mix engineers aims to deepen your knowledge and skills to mix complicated projects on a professional level.

The program combines intensive practical work during group studio sessions with individual tasks and objectives. You will acquire knowledge beyond the technical tools and techniques of the mix engineer. You will learn to influence the listener by defining the color, emotion and mood of the music you are processing.

Every student uses a convenient DAW, as well as preferred plug-ins and devices.

The course is suitable for:

  • Experienced music producers, composers, musicians who want to master their skills and learn know-how from experienced tutor
  • People seeking professional results of their projects
  • knowledge in the selected DAW


  • Processing of groups of instruments and vocals
  • Digital and analog compressors, equalizers, amplifiers, effects and more
  • Creative use of effects
  • Colors, emotions, message: impact of the mix
  • Balancing the mix and preparing for mastering

Students will receive

  • educational sessions – projects from the lecturer’s practice
  • templates and presets
  • individual tasks after each lesson
  • feedback from a tutor

Durance: 3 months, 1 lesson per week 

Price and conditions

Monthly fee

  • Group course: 280BGN per month  (total 870BGN)
  • Individual course:  upon request 

*5% discount for advance payment of the whole fee.  Payments accepted via Revolut, Paypal or bank wire. 

The price includes: 

  • 8 online lessons of 90 minutes each
  • Training materials, package with sounds and templates
  • Certificate for completed course 
  • Video recording of each lesson
  • Software license with a discount of up to 40% (valid for Ableton Live and Cubase)
  • Opportunity to purchase product bundles and audio equipment at preferential prices.
  • 5% discount when enrolling in the next course at the academy.

Upcoming course

Audio Mixing Group / Advanced / 6 places / Bulgarian
3 monthsSofia

If you’d like to save a spot in this course, send us your contacts in the application form.

Apply for a free lesson

Send us your contacts and we’ll get back to you with details.

Anyone who is interested in creating a complete music piece deserves to immerse themselves in the experience of the mixing course with D. Ganchev. In addition to the well-known techniques, plugins and various points of view, attention is paid to the most valuable thing in a song: mood and message.

One of the important things I’ve learned is to start with what makes the strongest first impression on me. In general, it is quite interesting to meet other people who deal with this side of music. Good luck to all!

Tsvetelin Donov “Tseko”

Миксиране: Напреднали


Dimiter Ganchev

Record & Mix engineer

During his more than ten years of professional career he has worked with all top artists and producers in Bulgaria, and the winners of “X Factor” (Virginia Records, Sony, BMG) and “The Voice of Bulgaria” (Universal) trust his taste and professionalism. Winner of 2 awards for album of the year, song of the year at the awards of BG Radio, and is currently working as a resident mix engineer in Studio Digital Plus.