Bojidar Vassilev

Bozhidar Vassilev ‘Trombobby’ is known for his work with DAYO, SouthWick, C-MO and Desy.
He has been involved in music since he was eight years old, graduated from NMU L. Pipkov, then studied at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam but returned after the first year to make music with SouthWick and DAYO.

In 2018, Bobby released his debut “Run” under the hat of Sofia Beats, which was followed by “The Year Without a Summer” with C-MO in May 2019. and “Audiobook” by Desy, as in the latest release the production is jointly with Vasil Vutev ‘Soulization’.

These days, Trombobby works on new music, plays mostly with his own projects on the home club scene, learns new instruments and DJs several times a month.

Bobi is one of the senior tutors in the academy, teaching Music production and Mixing in Ableton Live, along with Push.

Check out Trombobby’s playlist with music videos, interviews and more: