Boyan Boychev

Boyan Boychev makes beats under the pseudonym Low Heat and is one of the most experienced lecturers in the academy.

Part of the Sofia Beats label, Boyan is distinguished by his lively sets and the characteristic warm synth sound of his tracks. He has been involved in music and production for over 12 years and has gone through all sorts of software platforms, synthesizers, drum machines, etc. and is very well acquainted with the trends in the field. In his productions Boyan emphasizes all forms of instrumental hip-hop, modern funk and broken beats.

In addition to teaching, Boyan is developing a store for samples, presets and other cool stuff, as well as a Youtube channel with very interesting content. For a long time, Boyan hosted the Sound Ninja podcast and created educational content for the academy’s channel.

Checout Boyan’s playlist in Youtube.