Hristo Rachev

Hristo is a co-founder of Sound Ninja and the only Steinberg Certified trainer in Bulgaria. Hristo teaches music production, sound recording and sound processing, mixing, music software and others.

Behind the pseudonym Monk, inspired by the radical musical style of the legendary jazzman Thelonious Monk, stands Hristo Rachev – a musician with over ten years of career as a concert pianist and chamber musician.

The strong influence of jazz and electronic underground culture led to five active years behind the DJ desk, filled with production and live performances of styles such as downtempo, trip-hop, drum & bass, dubstep and EDM.

Hristo has given numerous solo, orchestral and chamber concerts in Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, and also has number of awards from national and international piano competitions. He is the author of music for two dance productions and the theatrical performance “Rondo” by director Plamen Markov.

As a DJ he has participated in most renowned Bulgarian clubs, as well as in a number of Balkan countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Monk shared a scene with names like Lenzman, Ragga Twins, Psychofreud, Rob Sparx, Numa Crew, Caspa, 16 Bit, Youngsta, Distance and many more. He is the founder of the first weekly show exclusively dedicated to drum & bass and dubstep on Bulgarian radio – Drum Bassment on Alpha Radio, and in recent years has produced as part of the project – Manners with Stoyan Nikolov – Bashment.

In 2014 Hristo co-founds Sound Ninja Music Academy and ever since is he is Head of education in the academy.

Over the past 3-4 years, Hristo has appeared mainly as a mix engineer of artists such as DAYO, Desy, Trombobby & C-Mo,, a series of live events Sofar Sounds – Sofia and others.

Hristo is the only certified teacher at Steinberg in Bulgaria (Steinberg Certified Trainer), teaches in the programs Music Software, Music Production and Mixing, records a number of training videos, hosts a podcast of the academy and is involved in all our initiatives.

Follow Hristo on Youtube. In the below playlist you will see some of the projects with his participation.