Petar Yotov

Petar Yotov “Peyotoff” is a guitarist and teacher with many years of experience on the stage, graduated in Vienna. In addition to being a creative session musician, Peter is a producer / beatmaker and electric guitar teacher at Sound Ninja.

His studies of classical, jazz and pedagogy and his interests in hip-hop, prog rock and pop music make him a broad-spectator performer and artist.

He recorded guitar for artists such as DESY, Trombobby, Preyah, Niya, and on stage you can often see him with DAYO, heptagram, Iva Yankulova and various experimental projects.

Since 2019, Peter has been teaching guitar at Sound Ninja and in his spare time he shares training videos and tips on our Youtube channel. In 2021 Peyotoff also joins the Music production tutor’s team and becomes a prominent junior tutor in the academy.

Follow him on Spotify and Instagram to find out what’s new around him. Take a look at the playlist with music and interesting content by Petar Yotov: