Dimitar ‘Mite’ Ganchev’
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Dimitar ‘Mite’ Ganchev’

For Dimitar Ganchev, the change from music performer to a mix engineer and producer is a natural next step in his music career. After moving to the Bulgarian capital Sofia, he took his masters’ degree in sound engineering at the Bulgarian National Academy of Music and immediately started working at different studios. For the past several years he has been a resident mixer at Digital Plus Studio.

In his career that spans over more of a decade he has worked with all major Bulgarian recording artists and producers. Dimitar also won two Album of the Year and Song of the Year awards at the BG Radio music awards. His discography is dominated by urban music, hip-hop, rap R&B and pop, but Dimitar also works with renowned rock and alternative authors.

In 2011 he participated in the Mix with the Masters convention, lead by Tony Maserati, which became a benchmark for him, visiting the 2014 edition once again, this time under the leadership of Manny Marroquin. Dimitar’s taste for music and his experience as an engineer won the complete trust of the leading music artists in Bulgaria as well as different productions both off and on television.

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The course is practical, aimed at developing new skills and encouraging creative approach to all aspects of the music mix – acquainting with the demo and preparing it for work session, character and technical aspects of the mix, acoustic environment, EQ, compression, limiting, and many more.