Mixing | Advanced
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Mixing | Advanced

The course is practical, aimed at developing new skills and encouraging creative approach to all aspects of the music mix – acquainting with the demo and preparing it for work session, character and technical aspects of the mix, acoustic environment, EQ, compression, limiting, and many more.

During the eight working sessions with Dimitar Ganchev, students will have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge on how to build a comprehensive mix from start to final product and expand their technical arsenal without restrictions in genre and style orientation. It will cover both sessions of each student individually and various practical examples of Dimitar Ganchev’s work as a mix engineer. The lecturer will demonstrate working practices in handling vocals, bass lines, drums, percussions, various tools and elements of music production.

The course is for advanced students and each session should be prepared in stems: 24bit, 44.1kHz or 48kHz. The DAW of choice of Dimitar Ganchev is Avid Protools and a standard set of plug-ins is Waves, Slate, Soundtoys, Brainworx.


Курсът се провежда 2 пъти през учебната 2015-2016 г.

1. Зимен курс – ноември и декември

2. Пролетен курс – март и април

Продължителност: 2 месеца / Брой часове: 24 часа по 60 минути

График: 1 път седмично по 3 часа

Групи: 3 до 5 души

За записване изпратете краткa биография, 2 собствени микса и мотиваця в 3 изречения на адрес: courses@soundninja.org


Димитър Ганчев – Mite

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