Music Production | Advanced
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Music Production | Advanced

The course is suitable for producers who want to expand and upgrade their knowledge in each aspect of the music production process, along with the realisation and distribution of a final product.

Working side by side, direct feedback and direct contact with experienced professionals in the music industry contributes to the acquisition of new practical skills and defining your own sound and artist personality. The program focuses on concrete examples and techniques suitable for advanced producers with established work habits.

The price includes 16 practice hours in music studio. Along with a diploma, each students receives free professional mixing of 2 tracks by choice.


– Advanced functions of Ableton Live

– Music theory of contemporary genres

– Audio design: synthesisers and sampling

– Details in arrangement

– Mixing with Dimiter Ganchev “Mite”

– Copyrights and distribution 

Duration: 6 months / Number of hours: 48 hours x 60 minutes | Schedule: 1 time per week for 2 hours | Groups: up to 5 people

Цени и записвания на:


Христо Рачев


Явор Топчиев


Димитър Ганчев – Mite

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