Music Production | Basic
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Music Production | Basic

During the 6-month program, students learn all basic components, required for the creation of a music composition.

Our choice of DAW (digital audio workstation) is Ableton Live and each student works on individual station, including: laptop with software, monitor headphones, MIDI controller with extended functionality. The course is aimed at developing fundamental habits and skills for work on music software, enriching music culture and enabling students to find their own sound, regardless of music genre or style. Along with a diploma, each students receives free professional mixing of 2 tracks by choice.


– Introduction and interface of Ableton Live

– Basic music theory 

– Audio design: synthesisers and sampling

– Arrangement

– Mixing and mastering

– Career development

Duration: 6 months / Number of hours: 48 hours x 60 minutes | Schedule: 1 time per week for 2 hours | Groups: up to 5 people 

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Hristo Rachev


Qvor Topchiev

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