Mix & Blend Ninja
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Mix & Blend Ninja

Това е най-универсалния DJ курс в Sound Ninja.

This is the most universal DJ course at Sound Ninja.

It’s aim is to develop all the basic skills a beginner DJ needs: beat-matching, fader techniques, harmoniously mixing, structure of the mix and creating a good selection. Available setups are: Turntables, CD player, timecode based platforms – Rane Serato or NI Traktor, dedicated DJ midi controllers and other hardware tools for DJ-ing. No style limitations and no need for previous experience. During the course, the students record a complete promo mix in their chosen style of music and have the option for additional practice with the lecturer.


– Introduction

– Song structure analysis. Style definition

– Harmonic mixing(harmonic mixing)

– beatmatching

– fader techniques

– Final mix and recording a set

– Practice hours with the lecturer

Duration: 2 months / Number of hours:16 hours x 60 minutes |  Schedule: 1 time per week for 2 hours | Individual course

Pricing and enrollment: courses@soundninja.org



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