Techno Production | Advanced
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Techno Production | Advanced

The course is practical and aimed at developing new skills, while presenting the students with opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge with one of the most prominent Bulgarian techno producers Hristo Ivanov a.k.a JackRock.

In the eight working sessions in the studio of Sound Ninja, the

students will gain valuable experience, practical advice and feedback on their own production, expand their technical arsenal and build a track from scratch to finalised product.

JackRock will demonstrate working practices at all stages of music production: the creation of idea, development and overall arrangement, sound design at the techno genre, use of software and hardware synthesisers, mix down, shaping the demo and distribution to labels, podcasts and others. The lecturer prepares individual tasks after each session, which include reverse engineering of a track by choice, creating sound presets and quick arrangements and much more, which we keep in secret.

Hristo Ivanov has 20 years behind the decks and e is one of the few native techno artists, popular outside Bulgaria. His co-owned label together with Balthazar – “Renesanz” is responsible for events with more than 150 international guests over the past 17 years. He has released for a number of labels such as Toolroom, Phobiq, 1605, MKT, Pornographic, Deeperfect, Driving Forces, Respekt and others.


The course is advanced and sessions will be held in Logic and Ableton Live 9. Students should prepare their own projects in  stems: 24bit, 44.1kHz or 48kHz.

To apply, send us a short biography, 2 own tracks and motivational letter in three sentences at:

Duration: 2 months | Number of hours:16 hours x 60 minutes | Schedule: 1 time per week x 2 hours | Groups: up to 5 people


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