Vinyl Ninja
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Vinyl Ninja

The mixing with real vinyl is the root technique of all modern styles of DJing. Many atists prefer this format, because of the

unique feel and control that it provides, and because of the sound characteristics of the analogue format. The course is aimed at DJ mixing with setup of two turntables and a hardware mixer. The student goes through practical exercises in vinyl mix and the DVS (digital vinyl system): Rane Serato or NI Traktor makes it possible to select analogue or digital format or to use both simultaneously. Sound Ninja has a collection of records in the following styles: Hip-hop, House, Techno, Drum & Bass and others. All are available and can be used by students during the course.


– Introduction and history

– Turntable set-up and and calibration

– Vinyl marking & cues

– beat matching techniques

– fader techniques

– Mix arrangement

– Final mix and recording a set

– Practice hours with the lecturer

Duration: 2 months / Number of hours:16 hours x 60 minutes | Schedule: 1 time per week for 2 hours | Individual course

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