Ivan Shopov

Ivan Shopov is a multifaceted artist – artist, musician, producer, composer, esthete and innovator.
After graduating with a master’s degree in Graphics from the National Academy of Arts (NAA), Ivan created a number of graphic works, illustrations, and acrylic canvases. He is often the author and designer of covers and posters, both for his projects and those of other popular musicians from the electronic scene. So far there are eight solo exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad.

Ivan Shopov has participated in over 250 music releases, including a number of solo and collaborative albums. This makes him one of the leading figures in the European electronic underground scene. His various projects cover styles such as drum and bass, IDM, jazz, ambient, techno, rock and classical music. Ivan Shopov has over 120 records behind him for some of the biggest international labels. Some of his own production, as well as the music of artists he believed in, came out through his labels Etheraudio Records and ABCD.

Ivan also works as a composer for contemporary dance and theater productions. He works on short film projects, interactive art installations and as a sound designer. He is the author of the music for 15 performances of Derrida Dance. In 2017, one of them won the ICAR award. He is the author of libraries with samples that find a place in the work of other electronic producers.
One of the things that clearly distinguishes Ivan Shopov from the artists in his field is the way he mixes traditional Bulgarian folklore, electronic music and jazz. It creates a bridge between our musical history and the contemporary tastes of today’s audience. Among his most popular albums in this direction are “Kanatitsa” together with Avigeya, “InFusion” together with Teodosii Spasov and the albums “Kuker”, and “Orenda” with the Balkan project.

Ivan Shopov easily passes on his knowledge, which makes him a sought-after lecturer and teacher. Since 2016 he has been teaching analog and digital sound design at the National Academy of Arts. With over 20 years of experience behind him, he is a sought after recording and mastering engineer.

The European stages on which Ivan has given concerts are innumerable. In his non-stop international participation, he also reached the United States, South America, Russia, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2020 Ivan is part of Sound Ninja’s tutors team and teaches Music Production in Ableton Live during his intensive masterclasses.