Yavor Zografski

Yavor Zografski is an artist developed in many disciplines such as music production, mixing, DJing, video editing and directing. Known in music circles as SMYAH, Yavor has been producing music for 10 years, and since 2020 he has been a lecturer in the Music Production program at FL Studio.

SMYAH’s original pieces have an experimental atmosphere free of genres, but nevertheless, the characteristic melancholic sound and refined sound design unite them in a complete sound, influenced by beat, hip-hop, grime and drum & bass environments. He has worked with prominent Bulgarian artists such as Ivan Shopov, ZHLACH, Evgeni Enchev-Gena, Milena Tsanova, Volen Milchev. He has released 3 EPs and is currently working on an album.
As for his career in the filmmaking industry, he spent 2 years at the Boyana Cinema Center, where he worked on numerous projects and documentaries. After finishing work on the film, Yavor moved in another direction and worked as a photographer for Google Arts & Culture, where he photographed some of the most remarkable galleries, museums and cultural sites in Europe. For the last 3 years, he has also worked with DanceTelevision, filming international festivals and club nights for artists such as Carl Cox, Victor Ruiz, Netsky and many others. Some of the events and locations include SOHO Dubai, Sonne Mond Sterne (Germany), The Steelyard (London), Untold (Romania).

One of his latest initiatives is the music and photography platform Sound in Picture, which he launched in 2019. Sound in Picture combines a music label and a photography magazine, bringing together musicians and photographers in collaboration and exploring the interaction between these two worlds. The publications have talents from different continents.

Checkout some videos in our Youtube channel with Yavor: